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Invotech helps organizations to build their product vision to match market needs and demand at every stage of the product development life cycle. We help ideate, identifying right technology choices and bring your ideas to reality faster. As we proudly call us as outsourced agile product development company we have well defined methods for delivering high product quality, reduce time-to-market, and lower development and support costs. Whether you are building custom systems or enterprise class products.
Expertise : Microsoft .net, PHP, Assembly, C/C++, MFC, JAVA, mySQL, SQL Server, XML, LAMP
Areas : Web, PC, Mobile, Embedded

Invotech offers following services :

Conceptualization & Development
• Conceptualization
• Planning & Architecture
• User Experience Design
• Design & Development
• Software Integrations
• Testing
• Release

Modernization, Migration & Re-Engineering
• Feature enhancements
• User interface modernization
• Mobile Extension Development
• Platform Modernization
• Software Performance Tuning
• Software Security Hardening
• Third Party Integrations
• Internationalization
• Localization

Product Maintenance & Support
• Maintenance services
• Enhancements
• Support services
• Customization and sales support
• Third Party Integration
• Software Integrations
• Legacy Hardware/software sunset and migration services

Software Quality Assurance
• Regression testing
• Test automation
• Configuration testing
• Security and penetration testing
• Performance testing