Embedded Solutions

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  • Hardware
  • Human Machine Interface
  • pcb-designing
  • re-engineering
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  • testing
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Innovation and right time to market are the key success factors for electronics products pertaining to key industry verticals. Our clients trust our expertise with embedded systems development from the initial concept stage all the way through to end-of-life support or anywhere in between. Invotech is a one stop shop solution for product companies looking for end to end product design in reduced time with latest technologies.
Invotech offers following services to key industry verticals:

Product Conceptualization & Development
• Conceptualization
• Planning & Architecture
• Hardware
• Prototyping
• Software
• Firmware
• Software Integrations
• Testing
• Release

Product Modernization, Migration & Re-Engineering
• Feature enhancements
• User interface modernization
• Migration to new technology
• Platform modernization/migration
• Software/Hardware performance tuning
• Porting & Cross-Platform migration
• Software Integrations

Product Maintenance & Support
• Maintenance services
• Enhancements
• Support services
• Customization and sales support
• Legacy Hardware/software sunset and migration services
• Third Party Integration
• Software Integrations

Our Expertises
Providing END to END Solutions. We provide our clients with solutions that work. This may sound simple, but how many times have you bought a service only to get 80% of what you needed it to deliver. We focus on a 100% complete solution based on customer expectations. Our customers appreciate our approach and the satisfaction of getting a successful outcome. Give us a chance to show you the difference. Invotech won't just sell you the service, We will deliver the solution!

• Micro-controller, Microprocessor Designs
• Mixed Signal Interfacing
• Power, Battery Management
• Connectivity Interfaces
• Human Machine Interfaces
• USB Interfaces
• Sensors, ADC, DAC
• PCB Design
• Schematics Capture

• OS Porting
• Device Driver
• BSP development
• API development
• Software Verification
• Embedded Application
• Embedded Linux, Android, WinCE...
• Mobile Application
• Web Application
• PC Application

Testing & Maintenance
• Board Bring Up
• Functional Testing
• System Testing
• Performance Testing
• Verification and Validation
• Field Trails
• Defect Fixes
• Enhancements
• EOL parts Strategy
• Customer Support
• Release Management & Optimizations