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Life @ Maestros

15 years of rich Maestros legacy has been proving that it thrives on an entrepreneurial spirit and with its forward looking approach always embracing change.This brewed a work culture and ambience which is conducive to a personal goal satisfaction in alignment with the organizational goals.

Maestronauts vouch for the learning and the bonding they have as teams and the value addition into each innovation.

What Maestronauts say...

     Maestros has helped me understand the nuances of applying technological innovations into business needs, it feels good to be part of a wonderful team where everyone complement each other and finally we manage to come out with amazing technologies and amazing business concepts.    

     By working in bigger systems, Maestros has helped me grow as an engineer and understand the diverse things which are involved in engineering which go a long way in shaping up a product.     

     Growth is not about building blocks which can collapse.. But it is all about how much Steel has gone inside to make you stay upright.. Maestros enabled to build that steel in me, for which I am proud to be part of it and say Jai Ho Maestros!!!     

     Working with Maestros is not a job, it’s a journey. It’s a place to explore your potentials. It’s a Challenging and enjoyable work environment. For me its been a fabulous journey at Maestros. It has helped me to get molded from an engineer to a professional, then be it technical or non-technical. The work culture at Maestros is amazing too.     

     My three year journey with Maestros Mediline systems limited has been enriching and with remarkable Work Satisfaction. Maestros has not only given me opportunity to grow, but has also encouraged me to think out-of-the-box. Accessibility to knowledge and emphasis on innovation has greatly helped me to grow both professionally as well as personally. Experienced and Motivating Maestros Management team provides an opening of a high learning curve. Maestronaut’s are very co-operative and believe in teamwork to achieve excellence in work. I am glad to be part of this dynamic and passionate company.